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If there was ever a year we wish we could forget, it would be  2020.  But in spite of all the challenges, it brought us some much needed change.  If 2020 was the year to purge and release, and it was, in spades, then 2021 beckons us to consciously create what we most want to see!  The new year is ripe with possibilities- a new paradigm, to slow down and take care of ourselves as we vision our future.  Self- care will be a big theme this year!  Make some small changes; try to meditate by starting slow- maybe 3 or 4 times a week.  Try some new veggies you aren't familiar with.  But most of all- gift yourself some reiki to gain clarity, peace, better sleep and less pain!  Its finally time for YOU!  🙌❤🙌


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