Upcoming classes hosted by the Peaceful Healing Reiki School in Venice Florida

I'm sure most people want to remain safe and healthy in these times.  I have created a system to keep myself, and those I treat, as safe as possible.  Here is a list of my screening questions- please note that if you live with a partner, or family, each person in the houshold must answer these questions prior to arriving for any in person reiki sessions, or classes.  I am also going to run another distance reiki sale through the holidays- the safest possible way to get the life changing benefits of Reiki!

Here are the questions- text me with any concerns or questions you might have941-223-7163

Screening questions:

 Have you recently been on a plane?
Have you been in an unmasked group of 6 or more, not family?
Do you regularly wear a mask when in a store, or group of people outside your home?
Have you been around anyone sick?
Do you regularly go to bars or restaurants?
Have you been sick or had a fever in the last 2 weeks?                                    Have you had a recent (within 7 days) negative test for Covid?



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