About Us


A former paramedic,  she came across Reiki healing after the death of her oldest son Jon in 2009.  Feeling 'stuck' in her grief, she was open to trying anything to heal.  A friend of her sons', Renee Surrette, a Reiki Master, had used Reiki around his hospital bed before he died, and Carolyn was able to see the auras of the healing energies all around her son.  So after his passing, she called Renee to try a Reiki session.   What transpired was the most intense, cleansing, profound spiritual release she had ever had.  She immediately felt like she could again breathe, and fascinated, wanted to study this powerful yet gentle healing modality.  In a fairly short amount of time, she had achieved levels 1 and 2 of  Usui Reiki, and went on to become a certified Reiki Master Teacher.  In August of 2014, she also became a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.  It is pure joy for her to practice and teach this to others, and she has seen many lives changed by this beautiful, gentle, powerful healing.  With distance clients all across the USA, Canada, Australia, Pakistan and Sweden, she continues to practice and teach with humor, joy, and deep compassion