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 Reiki Level One   

INTUITIVE REIKI LEVEL ONE from 10 to 4ish. Bring lunch, dress comfortably, and bring your curiosity and sense of humor!

Thank you for your interest in Reiki! Reiki can and will change your life for the better- most of us find we are kinder, more patient, and feel a deeper connection to each other and life! 

Reiki Level One is where the journey to yourself begins! You will learn the definition of energy, how to feel the life force energy of another, how to feel hibiki or energy densities, the precepts which are the foundation of Reiki, Reiki history, the Japanese terminology, reiki 3 diamond energy system, chakras and auras and how they correspond, self treatment hand positions and hand positions to treat others, as well as how to ground yourself and shield. You will receive plenty of table time, and leave knowing how to do an entire Reiki session.This is the exciting beginning! Reiki has been shown to accelerate healing, help with insomnia, work with healing grief and depression, and stimulate creative energy as well as being incredibly relaxing and balancing!

 Reiki is a powerful, and deeply spiritual and personal experience, but is not aligned with any religion and is compatible with any belief system.

 I teach both Tibetan and Western modalities. That said, I teach intuitive reiki, reiji ho, not the western hand position reiki. I do, however, make that information available to you.

 This 12 hour course is offered at my home from 10am to 4ish. Bring a lunch!  3005 Seawind Circle, Venice, Fl.

 Cost is $275.00, plus 3% if paying by credit card. Register and pay on this website! If making payments just bring a check to class.  I also take cash, checks or Zelle.

 Carolyn Nicholson Fowler is a Certified Medical Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of the Peaceful Healing School and owner of Peaceful Healing Reiki LLC. She teaches classes in the Venice area, at SCTI in Sarasota, and some satellite venues. A former Paramedic, she brings a wealth of medical knowledge to her practice of Reiki. Reiki is the gentle, powerful, intuitive energy modality that balances and relaxes the body so it can heal itself. Having been around for thousands of years, it is now being rediscovered as a cutting edge alternative treatment for many mind-body issues. It helps with sleep, anxiety, grief, pain relief and too many more to mention. Carolyn brings the study of Reiki to you with passion, humor and fun! Please join her for this fascinating journey into how Reiki can enhance your life!