Animal Reiki Sessions

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It seems I'm being asked about this a lot- so obviously there's a need!  If your pet, horse, dog, cat or any other living being, is having a health challenge, or anxiety, reiki is the natural way to go!  This can be done remotely, so less stress on the animal being around someone unfamiliar to them.  I will caution you, that the animal is in total charge of the session.  If I get a strong no when I ask if I can send Peaceful Healing energy, you will get a full refund.  This doesn't happen often, but it does happen.  I have worked on cats during surgery ( vet had warned older felines rarely survived the removal of bladder stones) and that animal responded beautifully to the reiki.  Animals are very aware of this energy and how it can help.  When I teach this, I align with Satchels Last Resort, a no kill shelter in Sarasota that I got my beautiful girl Niya from, and frankly the wonderful healers that take this course from me have morphed it into a reiki/animal communication course, with amazing results!