In Person Reiki

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What to expect during your Reiki session:

First we will talk a bit to relax you, and I will get more familiar with your personality and energy.  Then I will calm the lights, use some essential oils on my hands to relax you, and put on soothing music.  I will ask you to close your eyes and relax.  I then connect with the Reiki energy and my angels and guides.  I purify the space and set my intention to only channel the purest light, love, and healing energy to you.  I work with your energy somewhat like a sculptor, removing some and putting some in as I am guided.  You will likely enter a state of deep relaxation- let it happen!  If you fall asleep it's even better because you aren't busy wondering about what I'm doing or the rest of your day.  People often feel me moving the energy knots, and cough, or feel tingles and stretching feelings down the legs and arms.   Others get beautiful visualizations.  At the end I will place my hands on your feet to ground you, and lightly touch your shoulder and ask you to gently allow yourself to come back.  As you sit up, I will hand you some  water, and we will discuss what I found and what you felt.  Each session is tailor made to the individual, so length is often different, but is usually from 40 minutes to 50 minutes.   I frequently get intuitive messages for you during a session.  These are always loving and uplifting, and come from the highest realms for your highest good only. Payment plans available- just ask!

One Session is $120.00

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*$25 surcharge for me to come to your home.

Carolyn Nicholson Fowler is a Certified Medical Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Founder of the Peaceful Healing School and owner of Peaceful Healing Reiki LLC.  She teaches classes in the Venice area, at SCTI in Sarasota, and some satellite venues.  A former Paramedic, she brings medical knowledge to her practice of Reiki, as well as incorporating some ideas from TCM.  Reiki is the gentle, powerful, intuitive energy modality that balances and relaxes the body so it can heal itself, and accelerates post surgical or injury healing.  Having been around for thousands of years, it is now being rediscovered as a cutting edge treatment for many mind-body issues.  It helps with sleep, anxiety, PTSD, grief, pain relief and too many more to mention.  It is the perfect addition to any medical treatments you are taking.


I'm sure most people want to remain safe and healthy in these times.  I have created a system to keep myself, and those I treat, as safe as possible.  Here is a list of my screening questions- please note that if you live with a partner, or family, each person in the household must answer these questions prior to arriving for any in person reiki sessions, or classes.  

Here are the questions- text me with any concerns or questions you might have  941-223-7163

I am vaccinated, and not requiring masks anymore, unless YOU have a special need to be protected.  That said, below are my screening questions if it makes you feel more secure.


Screening questions:

If you are fully vaccinated, as I am, masks are optional depending on your comfort level.  If you are unvaccinated, please let me know.

 Have you recently been on a plane?

Have you been in an unmasked group of 6 or more, not family?

Do you regularly wear a mask when in a store, or group of people outside your home?
Have you been around anyone sick?
Do you regularly go to bars or restaurants?
Have you been sick or had a fever in the last 2 weeks?

Have you had a recent (within 7 days) negative test for Covid?