In Person Reiki

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What to expect during your Reiki session:

First we will talk a bit to relax you, and I will get more familiar with your personality and energy.  Then I will calm the lights, use some essential oils on your hands to relax you, and put on soothing music.  I will ask you to close your eyes and relax.  I then connect with the Reiki energy and my angels and guides.  I purify the space and set my intention to only channel the purest light, love and healing energy to you.  I work with your energy somewhat like a sculptor, removing some and putting some in as I am guided.  You will likely enter a state of deep relaxation- let it happen!  If you fall asleep it's even better because you aren't busy wondering about what I'm doing or the rest of your day.  People often feel me moving the energy knots, and cough, or feel tingles and stretching feelings down the legs and arms.   Others get beautiful visualizations.  At the end I will place my hands on your feet to ground you, and lightly touch your shoulder and ask you to gently allow yourself to come back.  As you sit up, I will hand you some cold water, and we will discuss what I found and what you felt.  Each session is tailor made to the individual, so length is often different, but is usually from 30 minutes to 50 minutes.  

Introductory package of 3 sessions for $195, or $65 a session!